Note 3 May Come Earlier Than Expected


The New Galaxy Note 3 may turn up earlier than expected, analysts say. Amidst poorer than expected Galaxy S4 sales, rumors of the Note 3 arriving this July or early August have started making rounds, contrary to much earlier speculations stating the company plans to unveil their Phablet at IFA 2013 set this September.

Reports of Samsung dropping orders for supply components for their Flagship Galaxy S4 have sparked this rumor, stating that Ol’ Sammy may be experiencing poorer than expected sales numbers. The significant drop, 12.2 million units in May to 6.5million units in July, may be a plausible basis for stating the S4 sales may not be up to Samsung’s standards.


The anticipation for other products bearing the same Galaxy S4 brand like the Galaxy S4 Zoom, S4 Active and S4 Mini may be preventing consumers from procuring the original S4 models right now. Likewise, the announcement of other colors may be another cause for customers to hold on to their hard earned cash, at least til the new colorways come their way.


The S4 Zoom


S4's New Colors

This move could be triggered by other outside factors though, as Sony is set to reveal their Xperia Z Ultra phablet in the following weeks and reports of a phablet version of the popular HTC One smartphone may have pushed Samsung to move up timeline for releasing the Galaxy Note 3.

Overall, nothing is set in stone just yet. No official word from the Korean giant on when we would see the curtains off their giant smartphone. Reports of the S4’s poor sales may have been blown out of proportion and the Note 3 will not bring back lost S4 sales, neither will its release be an assurance that it will pick up the sales slack for the S4. But then again rumors are still just that and should be taken with probably more than your average helping of salt, we may still see the Note 3 unveiled in IFA2013.


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