PlayStation 4 Main Console Revealed. FINALLY.

Months after the PlayStation 4’s official “reveal” last February 20th, where we only saw features, games and peripherals, the main console finally graced the stage at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

I guess the squarish design is the in thing now as the PS4 main console and Xbox One both feature parallelepiped shapes with sharp edges and corners. Although the New Playstation 4 looks somewhat like a rhomboidal shaped PS2. I found the aesthetic design to be quite mundane but hey, to each his own, right?
What lit my face up was that the PlayStation 4 (PS4 Eye not included) would retail for $399 , a solid hundred dollars cheaper than Microsoft’s Xbox One, although the Xbox One does come bundled with a Kinect sensor.


AFP photo

Sony also took jabs at Microsoft’s used game policy and daily online check-in requirement to play games, saying they will not impose restrictions on the use of pre-owned games and that there won’t be a need for periodic online sign ins. “And it won’t stop working if you haven’t authenticated within 24 hours.”, quoting Sony President of Sony Computer Entertainment America”.
Sony will however charge multiplayer use as one would now be required to have a PlayStation Plus subscription. PSN will no longer offer free online multiplayer, a service it used to offer for free. A subscription to PlayStation Plus will cost $60 a year.

The cheaper price tag would be a big edge for the PS4 and the lack of restrictions may earn it a few more fans. The next gen Sony console will hit the shelves in time for the 2013 Holidays.

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